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Bishop Burley

 A blend of specially prepared burleys and natural Virginias with a faint touch of oriental. A blend with a soft sweetness all of its own. We said “rare” burleys, and they are. This extra high quality leaf is limited and we’re proud to have it exclusively for you. A dry smoke and easy to inhale.


 For the man who wants extra taste in a natural blend. For the man who enjoys a good cigar. A superb blend of the finest tobacco grown. Turkish, Yenidje, Latakia and traces of Dubec give added richness to the cool reddish-brown custom grown burley. This blend has a rewarding, sustaining character.


 The champion of fire cured Cavendish mixtures. A zesty aromatic blend that is the most popular tobacco in Edward’s Pipe and Tobacco stored. Easy on the tongue and a soft aroma. This tobacco is cool, gentle and satisfying.

Cherry Cordial

A new Cavendish formula blended with rich imported tobacco makes this the finest cherry mixture we has ever introduced. Great taste and marvelous aroma.


Purposely plain and expertly blended to encourage a real tobacco taste. Here’s the rich, robust, robust flavor of fine burley with an interesting trace of Virginia Cube cut, Turkish, and Perique. Cool, dry and easy burning.


 Many have said, “I don’t know if I should smoke it or eat it!” Dolphin has a tantalizing aroma and a satisfying flavor. This is a good alternative if you have a “Sweet-tooth” at times.

Edward’s Supreme

A new superb blend. Intriguing taste and unsurpassed satisfaction. Exceptionally smooth and mild latakia flavored in the British tradition.

Good Companion

 Many customer asked for a blend similar to Scottish Moor but “just a little different”. Here it is, we have kept the style of Scottish Moor and have blended a new, different personality. New taste, fragrance, and refinement in tobacco blending knowledge and appropriately called it Good Companion.

Honey Cavendish

 A specially prepared formula for the new and occasional smoker. A True mild Cavendish( not a string cut burley). A delicate sweetness with a most satisfying fragrance, extremely popular in mixed company. A long time favorite, originally introduced in 1963.


 A combination of our two best selling blends, Honey Cavendish and Buccaneer. A perfect combination with a cool light smoke and a pleasant aroma.


 A very light Cavendish but with a rich flavor and aroma. A excellent “change of pace” smoke from a heavier blend. The blending of selected light tobaccos gives Jamaica a gentle quality. It’s easy to inhale, soft and gentle, but full of great flavor.

Kentucky Bourbon

 Intermingles the flavor and aroma of eleven of the world’s choicest tobaccos. Aged to give you a rich tangy taste, combined with a mellow sweet overtone. This is not a flavored tobacco, but rather a smooth reminiscent of it namesake.

Mark II

 One of our most popular blends. A new taste in aromatics, this blend has no bite and maintains its great taste to the bottom of the bowl. A rich combination of rich burleys and dark Cavendish. Its refreshing taste reminds you of a cold citrus drink on a hot day.

The Best

 A unique blend of soft Burleys and rich string Virginia Cavendish. A perfectly balanced formula with marvelous taste and aroma that is well received by all. For the smoker who knows what he wants, and what he wants is The Best.

Toasted Cherry

 This Tobacco has to be smoked to be believed. The aroma of a freshly baked cherry pie, maybe even better. The taste is all cherry, filling your senses with everything you always wanted in a cherry blend. And just to make it even better, this is one of the coolest smoking tobaccos Edwards has ever blended.

Vintage Cube

 Easy on the nose and throat because of its cool, rich character and natural flavor. Cubed rich Burley and bright Virginias are blended with Fire Cured Cavendish, Maryland and Perique. Not even a trace of bitterness.


 For the smoker who enjoys the character of Burley and the cool, flavorful taste of Latakia, we offer Masterpiece. This old English style blend offers full taste of Latakia with just a trace of sweetness of the palate. A recent blend, Masterpiece has found a quick following with some of our long-time smokers.